6 Trends That Will Shape the World of Work in 2023

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The end of 2022 has left us with a myriad of predictions for the workforce in 2023. Workforce data and research has discovered many patterns and trends that employers are following to change the workplace and retain employees. Following these anticipated trends in the world of work for 2023 could play a vital role in securing and retaining top talent for your workplace vacancies.

1. Employee wellness is being prioritized over productivity. Employee engagement and productivity are directly linked to employee wellness. Therefore in order to maintain productivity standards, employers are curating workplaces that promote well-being by providing resources that aid in employee mental health and overall wellness. Resources such as free counseling, mental health breaks in the workday, gym memberships, and nutritious food alternatives, are all becoming more commonly offered by employers to their employees.

2. Hybrid is the new black. After navigating the unprecedented changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, work-life balance became a “buzz term” rather than a reality. As a result, confining employees to one office space is no longer sustainable. Workplace flexibility has become a top priority as employees navigate the complexities of managing home and work harmoniously. Retaining employees in 2023 will require remote work flexibility because employees tend to be less engaged, more likely to burnout, and more likely to leave their employer when their ideal work location does not match their actual work location.

3. Happy workers, happy workplace. Employee-first culture is essential to retaining employees. If your employees don’t come first then your workplace will definitely reflect that. Managers who are compassionate and empathetic towards their employees will reap higher employee engagement and much higher productivity. When employees feel valued and heard they are more likely to take pride in their work. As burnout continues to be a present challenge for many workers, employees are finding their voice and using it to advocate for themselves. The difference between a workplace with happy workers versus a workplace with disgruntled workers, is the manager who listens.

4. Pay transparency will turn the tide in job seekers’ favor. With salary transparency laws and bills being passed in multiple U.S. states, job seekers will be more likely to apply for jobs that are aligned with the pay grade they actually want. When once settling for a wage was common, the days of old may be long behind us as job seekers will know the pay range upon applying rather than further along in the hiring process. However, pay transparency policies will be an ally for both job seekers and hiring managers because with both parties already knowing what the offer is on the table, the elephant will never reach the interview room.

5. Employers are shooting the first shot. With a record high of workplace vacancies in the last two years, it’s becoming harder and harder for employers to fill vacant roles fast enough to meet their workplace needs. To combat this challenge and fill vacant roles, employers are pursuing workers who aren’t actively looking for new work. Rather than simply waiting for applications to come in, companies are proactively recruiting candidates themselves. According to recent survey conducted by Nexxt, 49% of job seekers currently identify as passive candidates—those who aren’t actively looking for work, but are open to changing roles. In order to reduce workplace vacancy in 2023, it is essential that employers and recruiters take the initiative to secure new talent.

6. You snooze, you lose. According to recent data by ZipRecruiter, about 90% of recently hired candidates reported hearing back within a week of applying for a new job. Therefore, in order to secure talent and fill vacant roles, employers must act quickly, or job seekers will move on.

The employee isn’t the only one that shapes the world of work. Both current employees and employers must compassionately and strategically work together to create a world of work that works for everyone. The ball is no longer in one court. We’re all on the same team and we must collaborate if we want to win the game of work in 2023.


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