Avoiding a Fragmented Customer Journey

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Most customers have no patience for a fragmented journey. In the world of social media and online reviews, giving anyone the run-around can have a devastating effect, as word of this kind of treatment gets out fast. Whether it's negative or positive, people have no qualms about sharing their customer service experiences with friends and family. Avoid sending your customer on a fragmented journey and, instead, give them something to brag about.

1. How well do you know your customers?

The best way to prevent a fragmented journey for your customers is to connect with them on a personal level. You must first understand of who your customers are to develop a customer service plan that meets their needs. Give employees or even managers an opportunity to build relationships with your customers to ensure quicker service when a problem or concern arises. Instead of having them go through several departments or customer service representatives to resolve their issue, they can go straight to an employee or manager who already knows how to serve them, leading to a less frustrating and more satisfying experience.

2. How do you support your customers?

Your customer service should be driven by the customers themselves in order to streamline the troubleshooting process. You should be able to adapt to them, not the other way around. Always keep the tone professional, but speak to your customers in a way that they understand. Pay attention to not only your tone but also your overall demeanor when handling customers, as they can sense frustration as well as whether or not you care. Listen to their needs and offer quick, sensible solutions without making them feel rushed.

3. Are your employees empowered?

Although customers should be the focus of all aspects of customer service, employees play a vital role in customer satisfaction. Empowered employees are more efficient and feel confident in their decisions regarding customer needs. A customer may grow frustrated if an employee has to go back and forth with upper management in order to find a solution to their issue. Employees should be adequately trained and equipped with the necessary skills, tools and authority to address basic customer needs without always having to consult with their supervisors.

4. Are you encouraging customer input?

Within any customer service department, it's important to listen to your customers at all times. Make sure there is an open line of communication between your business and them that goes beyond purchasing and troubleshooting. Provide an avenue for your customers to leave feedback or ask questions that they may not have thought of during the initial conversation. Furthermore, when making changes and important decisions in your business, keep their feedback in mind. When customers feel like they're a part of these decisions, they feel valued and are therefore more likely to continue to patronize your company.

Your business relies heavily on the efficiency of your customer service. A fragmented customer journey is evidence of inefficiency and breeds mistrust. It is vital to observe and eliminate what's ineffective in moving a customer along towards a satisfying resolution to an issue.


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