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Studies indicate that sales positions are among the hardest jobs for employers to fill. From failure to attract job candidates to the failure to retain them, many companies struggle to build a solid sales team. Consider some of the reasons why companies find it so difficult to fill sales jobs.

Poor Compensation and Benefits

Job seekers often choose not to fill sales jobs because many open positions lack attractive compensation packages. In addition, commission-based positions appear to be risky prospects for candidates seeking a steady income. This is especially true of young adults who are anxious to build up a financial safety net. If companies were able to offer sales workers more competitive pay packages with stable pay rates, more millennial workers might consider taking open sales positions.

Lack of Interest on Both Sides

Many young workers are seeking purpose and longevity, and sales positions do not seem to offer this at first glance. In order for sales companies to attract more millennial workers, they must change their sales pitch to snag their attention. Developing a warm company culture that is encouraging and supportive can attract more job candidates than large companies that remain disconnected from its workers. If job candidates truly feel that they are joining a great company where they will be treated as valued employees, they will become far more interested in the company.

Looking for Candidates in Dead-End Places

Too many companies post sales job openings on job boards and other sites where the openings garner little attention. Placing ads in newspapers and local magazines may be helpful for finding mature workers, but those ads may never be viewed by younger workers. If companies are seeking younger workers for sales position, they must post job openings in areas where younger workers are likely to see them.

Need for Experienced Salespeople

Some companies aim to fill sales jobs with skilled workers, and finding the perfect candidates can be tricky. Experienced sales professionals know how to take the time to build relationships with customers to turn them into loyal clients, but it can be difficult for companies to find such candidates who are willing to join their team. Unfortunately, many hiring professionals in the United States complain that most job seekers applying for experienced sales positions are unqualified.

Failure to Retain Workers Long-Term

Most sales jobs that are filled are usually re-opened soon after, because many sales departments struggle to retain their employees. Many new employees who are hired in sales positions may not even make it to the three-month employment mark. Although many may believe that sales positions are initially easy to land, it takes a talented, skilled individual to actually succeed in the position. With the proper training and employee preparation, more entry-level workers who are hired to fill sales jobs can gain the knowledge and guidance necessary to succeed once they are hired.

As aging workers in sales positions retire, companies struggle to find workers to fill sales jobs more than ever before. Adopting a variety of tactics to reach out to job seekers of every age and experience level is necessary. Any company can learn why it is hard to fill sales jobs and then make direct changes to receive positive results.


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