Grinning Through the Pain of Your Job Search

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Sometimes no matter how much you try you can’t - and don’t want to – make your current job work for you. Maybe it’s too many demands coming from too many places; maybe it’s the lack of systems that is driving you crazy. Whatever it is, you’re at your breaking point and you know it’s time to look elsewhere for career fulfillment. If you’re like most job seekers, a new job isn’t going to fall into your lap the second you want it to. It’s going to take a little time to find the right positions and companies in which to apply. And you know what that means, right? You have to make the most out of the situation. Take Time to Unwind If you’re miserable at your job, you might have a problem with ‘turning off’ your thoughts about your current job and job search during your down time. That’s natural and completely understandable. However, you don’t want this to take over your life. While it takes a lot of time and effort to find a new job, you have to make some effort to have fun and relax. Set up a certain amount of time to work on your job search each day or week while making time for other fun activities. This is a necessity for keeping your sanity. Don’t Get Overwhelmed Take your job search one day at a time. You know the steps you need to take in order to secure a new position. Write out a plan and make it happen. Make it a doable plan though. If you don’t have 4 hours a day to spend on your job search, then don’t plan for four hour’s worth of tasks. Instead, plan what you believe is achievable but that also makes you work on a timeline. Try not to get too stressed about the whole process. Prepare your documents and yourself for your job search and you’ll gain more confidence in your ability to land a new job. Make the Most of Your Situation While you’re looking for a way out, don’t forget that there are many opportunities that may present themselves exactly where you’re at. Training to sharpen transferable skills is a perfect way to add depth to your resume. There may even be positions in other departments become available that interest you. Of course, this only works if you’re willing to stay within the same company. If staying in the company is not an option - and especially if you have ill-will toward some people there - it may be tempting to step on some toes on your way out. Don’t. You never know when you might see those toes again. There is no need to go around with a chip on your shoulder just because ‘you’ll be leaving soon.’ How soon is soon? You have no idea so put your happy-face on and act like you plan on being there until you retire. Many times when you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re ready for a new job, you’re already behind in your job search. Get that resume updated and polished, search for posted jobs and network. Find out what’s out there and then make your move.

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Tommy, it sounds like you're having a really tough time. I know there isn't anything I can say that will make everything better, but in order to find the right job, you'll have to change the things that you're doing. It's obvious that your desperation is leading you to look at jobs that you know aren't going to be right for you. Don't worry - it's completely normal. Instead of spending so much time online searching job listings, polish up your shoes and put on the winning sales smile that got you so far in the industry and get out there and network. Go through your contacts and set up lunch or coffee meetings. If you're too broke right now to afford a sandwich or a cup of coffee, look for organizational meetings that offer refreshments - like chamber of commerce meetings, PTA meetings and other committee type things. Typically, a local university has tons of these types of events. Go there, shake hands and grab some free snacks. Print out some cards that have your name and contact info. From now on, you're employed by your own business and your job is to sell you. Show them how well you can do it - with or without a degree!
  • Tommy Chaffin
    Tommy Chaffin
    Where is my job America?I am a 57 year old male who has been self-employed most of his life. My business for the past several years has been in homebuilding. Yep----- you know it. New home sales have gone bust.  Now, here I am—out of business and bankrupt.  I have friends that are in the same situation due to companies closing or going out of business.I have been unable to get anything except offers from companies wanting me to work for nothing. They do promise great wealth though----if I am willing to work for nothing……hum???….One company offered me a job last week and told me that I had to attend a week of training in a city 100 miles from here------- at my own expense….Did I mention that I am out of a job and bankrupt?  Another offered me a job selling. They require that I attend a week of training in Chicago. They will cover the hotel room but I have to furnish the plane ticket and pay for my meals while there.  I explained to the recruiter that I am broke. I have no money and no credit card to cover the cost. He told me that I would make at least six-figures per year and needed to borrow the money….Anyone jumping to invest in that??  I didn’t think so….Me either.Gas prices are keeping me close to home so I spend all day {everyday} on the internet sending resumes for positions all over the southeast (300+ to date over the past three months). Today, I was offered another job. I was very grateful until they told me that I would have to buy a van to haul merchandise. What part of broke do you think people cannot understand?Most of these companies tell me that I will be a full-time employee but that their sales jobs pay commissions only ….??  Is that a way to avoid paying minimum wages? They do offer health insurance though---at $400-600.00 per month…br />One company told me that if sales fell below a certain level that they cancel health insurance benefits….Wow, I thought that was illegal…..Another told me that a bankruptcy possibly has spoiled my chances of getting a job with his company….They cared less as to the conditions….That’s okay. It was commissions only, no benefits what-so-ever and required an investment of $1,800. I don’t think that was going to happen anyway.…I need a job.  I am highly trained in sales, management, recruiting and training others to sell. I just have to believe that someone is looking for a hardworking person who possesses these proven skills.  I was told discreetly that my age and not having degree is working against me. It is a shame that companies set recruiting priority on young college graduates who, on average, change jobs every 14 months. I suppose I could go back to school but by the time I graduated, I could be in my mid-sixties. Are companies hiring people that age?

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