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Every sales agent faces customers who are not interested in buying anything, even if you are offering a superb product or service. Engage in these techniques to increase your chances of making the sale, even if the customer doesn't seem to be interested.

Show Reputability

Many customers say they are not interested if they are unsure the sales agent is reputable. Always dress like a professional company representative when you interact with prospects in person, or some may believe that you are running a scam. Show your company credentials or licenses to help build rapport with wary customers, and you can transform skepticism into a sale.

Change Your Dialogue

Crafting compatible responses to customers who initially state they are not interested can help you make a sale. If the customer requested information from your company at an earlier time, remind him of it. If the client has bought something from your company in the past, ask him if he needs a similar product now or in the future. If a customer is no longer in the market for a product, extend the conversation by asking him if he is satisfied with his current vendor.

Share Payment Options

Many people go from being captivated to saying they're not interested simply because they don't have money on hand or know that there are payment options. Some customers prefer to use cash, check, credit or debit only to make purchases. If your company offers a payment plan, mention it to the customer who loses interest after hearing the price. When customers understand that there are various payment options, they may reconsider and make the decision to buy.

Offer a Quick Demonstration

If you have a particular product or service for sale, be willing to offer a free demonstration to reel in the customer. By observing a prime product in action, customers can quickly become more interested. Offering samples of your product or allowing clients to touch the merchandise can garner greater attention from customers who were not interested at first.

Work on Your Sales Pitch

Two sales agents can be selling the same product or service, but the person with the better sales pitch is more likely to generate higher sales. Work on strengthening your sales pitch to snag the interest of the customer. A sales agent with a great sales pitch can build rapport on his words alone. Be a good salesman without being too eager to turn disinterested customers into clients.

Request to Follow-Up Later

Some customers state that they are not interested because they are busy tending to other matters at the moment. Offer your business card to obtain a future sale. Ask if you can contact the customer by email or phone later on, or ask the customer if he wants you to return at a later time.

Do not lose heart If the customer is still not interested and buying whatever you are selling; respect customer's decision and move on to new prospects. Maintain a positive outlook, and your happy demeanor can win over distant clients and increase your sales success.

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