How to Be a Great Closer

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Many salespeople believe that closing a sale is the most difficult part of the sales process, but it doesn't have to be. You can learn how to close a sale easier and attain a higher success rate by utilizing simple strategies.

Fulfil a Need or Desire

If you want to close a sale, you must captivate the interest of the customer by fulfilling a need or desire. By identifying the needs of your target population, you can offer relevant products and services that are in demand. You must learn how to tell the customer how your products or services can make a difference in their lives. When customers really want what you are offering, then you can close a sale quickly with confidence.

Treat Every Potential Client Well

It is important to treat every customer well, even if you do not believe that you will finalize the sale. Give friendly eye contact, offer a warm handshake and speak in an amiable tone when greeting every client. Many sales agents successfully convince clients to buy by making them feel important throughout a sales pitch. Go the extra mile to transform cold consumers into warm prospects, and you may be surprised to see how many more folks end up saying yes.

Build Trust

Many clients are hesitant to close a sale with a salesperson they deem untrustworthy. It is important to come across as friendly and honest to build rapport, so be clear about your intentions from the beginning. Always maintain a professional appearance and demeanor when interacting with clients in any type of environment. If you can build rapport with the customer, you form a relationship and lay the foundation to closing the sale. Communicate clearly so clients understand the total terms of the contract, and they will feel more positively about closing a sale with you.

Interprets the Consumer’s Answers

Listen carefully to the consumer's responses to sales questions to determine his stance. If a person is on the fence about closing the sale, then he likely needs to know more information before agreeing to the offer. A smart sales agent knows when a person is ready to buy, so wait for the right time to ask for the sale, and only when the client’s responses indicate more than a passing interest.

Follow Up

Studies show that nearly 50 percent of salespeople do not follow up with sales leads, and this can be a costly mistake. Contacting the customer on a later date allows him adequate time to consider the deal before giving an answer. Even if a customer does not close a sale right away, following up with prospects regularly can lead to more positive outcomes.

It is harder to close a sale if your process or procedures are holding you back, so consider revamping your sales strategies immediately to revive your sales numbers. Although you can approach each customer a bit differently, using effective, tried-and-true techniques leads to success.


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