How to Get Your Sales Team to Motivate One Another

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Motivating a sales team is a true art among business professionals. If you can convince your sales reps to motivate each other on a regular basis, then you have a win-win situation. You save time by easing back on meetings you have to run, and your sales team helps each other more frequently.

Many firms try competitions to see who sells the most. The top sales reps earn prizes above and beyond their salaries and commissions. Instead of a golf-style leaderboard where it's every rep for himself, try going for a fantasy sports game.

Players earn points for every task they accomplish. Each task has an assigned value. For example, each person gets one point for every new presentation they make. Bigger events, such as closing a sale or increasing revenue on an existing client, are worth more points. The trick with a fantasy sports set-up is that team members get to pick teammates. When teammates do better, each individual earns more points as well.

To win at fantasy sports, individuals must encourage their teammates to outperform another team. The team with the most points at the end of the sales cycle wins. Individuals within that team also win for having the most points.

Another great way to self-motivate a sales team is the team selling concept. Divide your sales reps into teams of three to five people each. Every member of a team splits the sales commissions equally. Therefore, each sales rep should encourage others to do better. Working in a team generally gets better results compared to working alone.

You also have the added benefit of team members give each other tips and tricks of the trade. Each team learns to rely on each other for sales techniques rather than managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Encouraging your sales force to work together brings many benefits. Your employees get to know each other better, learn each other's selling styles and bring more revenue to company at the same time.

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