How to Get a Job as a Telemarketer

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Many people are attracted to telemarketing jobs by the promises of big commission payouts, flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home. The combination of the right skills and applying to the right places can help you obtain the telemarketing job of your dreams.

Search Online Job Search Sites

Online job search sites are an excellent resource to find telemarketing jobs, and you can submit applications to many companies conveniently at any time. With a few clicks, you filter your job search to find appropriate telemarketing positions. Search for telemarketing jobs in charity fundraising, consumer surveys or other areas that interest you by searching for telemarketing jobs online.

Join a Temp Agency

Temp agencies are a great aid to secure work in many industries, including the telemarketing field. Through a temp agency, you gain an introduction to companies that may not openly hire the public. You can also test out a telemarketing job to see if it is a good fit, and you may be hired by a call center if you perform well.

Use Social Networking

Social networking sites can be great tools for finding available telemarketing jobs. Many companies post hiring information on social media sites, and you can get in touch with company representatives who can help you get hired. In addition, your friends, colleagues and business social connections can help you get your foot in the door.

Improve Your Speaking and Social Skills

When hiring managers are looking for new telemarketers to add to the sales team, they look for people with good vocal abilities and a positive social aptitude. Work on developing a tone that is pleasant to the ear so that hiring managers remember your voice, and customers find it pleasing to speak with you over the phone once you are hired. Be friendly, engaging and show initiative during the interview.

Gauge Your Experience Level

Assessing your experience as a telemarketer is helpful for focusing your telemarketing job search. If you have minimal or no experience as a telemarketer, seek an entry-level position that offers hourly pay. Most telemarketers get paid a base rate in addition to commissions, but others are paid on commissions alone. Some telemarketing jobs are very demanding and require seasoned individuals. If you are an experienced telemarketer, accepting a telemarketing job that only pays out commissions can work for you. If you have no experience, seek entry-level jobs that offer adequate training, or you may end up getting fired right after you are hired.

Consider Additional Training

Although a college degree is not required to work as a telemarketer, a degree in sales, marketing or communications makes you more desirable to major telemarketing companies. Taking a sales or telemarketing class can give you a boost over other applicants who have no special training.

A telemarketing job is one way to make money from home or an office, but it is not for everyone. Telemarketers need a tough skin to face client rejections. Some telemarketing job postings are scams, so check if a company is reputable before you apply. Overall, it is not difficult to get telemarketing jobs by looking for positions in the right places and honing your skills.

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