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Your high-performance team leads the way when it comes to landing sales for your company. Your co-workers know which sales technology to employ at a moment's notice, and everyone is on the same page as they try to convert leads into customers and clients. Here are five tips to help maintain your team's readiness so they can follow-up with prospects at a moment's notice as you climb to the peak of sales efficiency.


Immediacy is the main theme of these five tips. Your high-performance team must respond to your leads quickly. When a prospect wants to sign the deal, your team should have everything drawn up and ready to present to the customer. Statistics show timing is essential, according to Eye on Sales. The first vendor who acts on a prospect closes the sale 35 to 50 percent of the time. Here's how to stay close to your prospects using sales technology.

1. Watch Your Competitors

Keep an eye on the techniques of your competitors, as studying the opposition can help you develop more effective sales presentations and tactics. Peruse their websites, and look at their social media pages to discover the messages your competitors are sending to consumers.

2. Gather Information

Your team needs more than just a list of prospects. Your high-performance team needs to know the buying preferences of each prospect. Did the prospect purchase an item from your company before? To move forward with a prospect, mine information from previous communications with the client.

3. Use All Forms of Communication

Your high-performance team must use various methods of communication when reaching out to leads, including email, phone calls, social media messages, video conferences and text messages. The more channels you use, the more likely customers are to engage with your company. Use videos or webinars to reach out to large amounts of potential customers at once. Online chat is popular on many websites and can be used as a point of contact before a sale.

4. Shorten Conversion Times

Shorten conversion times by tracking the time it takes from initial contact to closing the sale. If there are steps you can eliminate or make more efficient, do so to increase your chance of sealing the deal. This is where technology comes into play. Create instant updates, integrate your sales data with other departments and create relevant reports that your sales staff can actually use as they converse with prospects.

5. Examine Post-Sale Data

Your high-performance team should examine what happens after closing the sale. Reach out to your customer service department, and encourage them to maintain relationships with prospects and clients.

Your high-performance team needs an efficient sales funnel. In today's internet-connected global economy, you never know when a prospect may come through the funnel and make a purchase, so it's important to ensure your team is always ready.

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