Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Sales Coaching

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An excellent sales manager can coach the sales team to success, and great sales coaching can transform the average salesperson into a well-rounded sales professional. Consider some of the ways you can measure the effectiveness of your sales coaching.

Calculate the Level of Client Satisfaction

Successful companies perceive themselves through the eyes of the consumer, and the number of satisfied clients a business has is a tell-tale sign of the quality of a company and its representatives. Examining client feedback is essential to see where the issues are. If your company receives more complaints than compliments concerning sales associates, then it is important to revamp your sales coaching methods and train sales associates to offer better customer service.

Look for Higher Sales

When your sales team starts to generate higher sales and reach quotas with ease, then your sales coaching may be more effective than ever. Even if company statistics show a small improvement in sales numbers, it can be a sign that the sales coaching is slowly raising sales effectiveness within your company. With solid sales coaching, sales productivity continues to rise. Examine sales numbers for a few weeks to see if sales improvements hold steady or continue to climb before altering your coaching methods.

Gauge Individual and Group Performance

If each sales team is meeting its daily, weekly and monthly objectives, then the current coaching program is likely raising sales effectiveness. However, if many sales agents fail to meet their numbers, there may be an issue with the instruction offered. Hold each sales agent accountable for his or her success, and provide constructive feedback to help each person reach his or her full potential. Test your team to see if it can readily identify the best practices and procedures to maintain functionality and professionalism. One-on-one consultations can help each sales professional develop a better pitch, find more clients and improve in areas of weakness. Your high-performing sales associates should reach new peaks if the sales coaching is working. Offer extra assistance to those who need it, and connect them with mentors during sales coaching sessions to provide additional guidance.

Consider Team Feedback

By asking for feedback from your sales team, you can determine if your sales coaching is getting through to everyone. Ask your sales team to offer opinions and suggestions for improving sales coaching sessions to make the most of every meeting. Delivering instruction regularly helps you collect timely feedback to keep your sales coaching relevant and effective.

The right type and amount of sales coaching can send company profits soaring, but finding out if your current approach is working can be tricky in the early stages. Keep in mind it takes time to see the results of teaching new methods to your sales force, so provide flexible support through each level of sales coaching. As your sales agents learn to apply new techniques, measurable improvements will appear.


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