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Your sales team needs all the assistance it can get in the high-pressure world of marketing. A sales app can take productivity to new levels with instant access to data, leads and product information at their fingertips.

These productivity tools increase wins, help close sales and generate profits when used properly. Get more done in a hurry, thanks to productive apps for smartphones or tablet devices.

Yesware syncs and tracks emails from Gmail and Microsoft Outlook to increase customer engagement. Find out what emails led to sales presentations and extra phone calls. This sales app lets you connect with potential customers better by viewing who contacted them, when and where.

Bizible links sales figures with marketing data to increase the efficiency of your sales force, and it puts more company resources into more effective channels. Bizible is a sales app that examines data from Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook to show clearly which audience members click on what. Generate keyword lead reports, find return-on-investment projections and optimize ads in the middle of a sales cycle.

Corsica creates leaderboards for your sales team to show who makes the most sales, who accomplishes goals and who gets things done. Create your own badges, objectives and goals and then organize them any way you wish. A leaderboard from this handy sales app shows who leads in various categories such as raw sales, order size and dollar amounts.

Enter the digital age with e-SignLive, an app perfect for tablet devices with contracts, legal documents and transaction authorizations. Obviate the need for folders full of paper contracts when you carry around your tablet computer to gain signatures for sales contracts and authorizations with these legally binding e-documents.

CallidusCloud CPQ guides sales reps through the configuration, pricing and quote steps for sales proposals during client interaction, while ShiftExpert provides easy access to scheduling modules that take into account company rules, regulations and team abilities to maximize the efficiency of your sales force. Shifts can automatically be filled by the people you need based on the job skills each person brings to the table.

The phones and tablets that power these apps are powerful tools in the hands of your salespeople. Tablets provide instant access, updated sales materials and multimedia presentations with just a few taps and swipes. The wireless capabilities of mobile devices let you access programs from the cloud and update contact information effortlessly. This way, your sales force spends less time fumbling through sales documents and more time interacting with potential customers and clients.

A sales app cannot close a sale, but a few simple tools can make the lives of your salespeople easier. Do your team a favor and invest in a few apps to improve your bottom line.

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