The Benefits of Blogging on Your Website

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Maintaining an active business blog may not seem like a big deal to many salespeople. Some professionals likely feel as though they don't write well enough, while others might have trouble choosing relevant topics. However, blogging helps create search engine traffic and drives more users to your website.

Start by making a space on your company's Web presence dedicated to a blog. Along the top of most websites, tabs differentiate between various parts of a page. Your business blog should show up closer to the right-hand side of every Web page your company owns. If you blog on a different website or platform, search engine traffic then goes towards that particular page as opposed to one where customers may engage with your business.

The reason a business blog drives more users to your company revolves around more content. Search engine algorithms notice you have more content on your pages and your domain has more indexed hits. More indexing means the greater possibility of customers finding your website.

Your business blog places a human touch on your brand and shows potential customers why you offer certain products and services beyond the scope of profits and income. A blog makes your brand more likeable. At the same time, a personal connection to the industry builds up trust and expertise with your professional peers.

Social media initiatives represent one important aspect of your online presence. A business blog supports social media because you can post links to the blog on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. Social media shares also help drive traffic to your website and product pages, all without paying a dime for word-of-mouth marketing. More traffic means more business.

An active blog shows customers you care about the business and that you maintain the website regularly. No one wants to read a post from five years ago. Current topics facilitate discussions and even more engagement with your business. The more individual Web pages your site has, the more likely it generates leads. The magic number lies between 401 to 1,000 pages of content. Websites in that range achieve six times more leads than those with 51 to 100 pages. The more you blog, the more Web pages your website contains.

Company blogs tout new products and services. Writings also welcome new employees, discuss relevant industry concerns and allow consumers to comment below the main article. Although this method of communication may seem slower than social media posts, blogging remains a relevant tool to help engage with customers.

A business blog doesn't have to entail the next Great American Novel. A few short paragraphs, posted every few days or once per week, should suffice to get people's attention. This builds your customer base and helps build brand loyalty over the long term.

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