The Opening is More Important Than the Closing

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Customer service is a crucial factor in retaining clients and building the reputation of a business. Sales techniques are equally important. Focus on how to attract potential customers with an opening that is engaging and hard to resist. The closing is important, but sales representatives must find a way to capture attention right away so that prospective clients hang on until the very end, ultimately discovering the true value of a company's products and services.

An opening statement in a sales pitch determines the likeliness of success with the sale, explains Business Mentor Tony J. Hughes. The relationship is established based on the tone of the first statement and the sales techniques. Focus on establishing trust and rapport with the potential client by showing a transparent and authentic nature. Define the value of the company's products and services without gimmicks and vague wording to capture interest and make the sale. Begin the pitch by showing an interest in what the client is seeking and avoid wasting their time with irrelevant data not related to the industry or the company's offerings.

Sales techniques should also include genuine approaches that show an understanding of the potential client's time and priorities. Know their process for evaluation, selection and procurement of products and services. Research the company's operations and evaluate needs before uttering the first word. Preparation and an honest and authentic customer service approach is necessary to appeal to the client's needs when attempting a sale.

Avoid desperation within the opening statement. Business owners can sense when sales techniques are self-serving. Show care and concern for the needs of the potential client instead of focusing on how obtaining the sale would help your sales numbers, compensation and the company's profits. Listen actively to what the client is seeking. Silence can be a powerful tool after an opening statement. Sales professionals who utilize sales techniques that genuinely show they are present in the conversation and willing to seek solutions often find that rapport and relationships are built and developed naturally.

Companies should invest in training and professional development to ensure their sales representatives are prepared to deliver a stellar opening statement. Hire professionals who are willing to model the mission and goals of the business and inspire sales representatives with workshops, seminars and sales events that promote the value of the products and services sold. Professionals who truly believe in the value of the services and products are more likely to share their enthusiasm with potential clients.

Closing statements during a sales pitch are designed to leave a lasting impression, but sales techniques should also focus on the impact of a genuine opening statement to engage interest. An opening statement can make or break the sale and impact the overall impression and reputation of the business.

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