Three Ways to Respond to a Hesitant Buyer

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When pitching products or services to potential clients, you will face objections. For a variety of reasons you will encounter hesitant buyers, and to make the sale, you will have to master the art of overcoming objections. With practice, many objections can be countered and result in a sale.

One of the biggest challenges to closing a sale with a new client is overcoming objections. Hesitant buyers won't sign on the dotted line for many reasons; but as the person trying to make the sale, it's up to you to determine what the objections actually are. Most customers' objections fall in three major categories: price, value and other. Determining where the objection lies will help you turn hesitant buyers into new customers.

When a potential customer objects to the price, they will say the product or service is too expensive. To counter the objection, provide a list of what the customer gets for the price. For example, if the customer also gets technical support or some other service thrown in for the price of a product, mention that. You have to convince the customer that your price is justified and therefore worth it.

A value objection from a hesitant buyer is often linked to intangible products or services, such as writing services or starting a dieting plan. These objections cannot be easily measured and their results might vary. When dealing with this kind of client objection, you need to focus on your expertise in the area. Explain how your years of experience, combined with your reputation in your field, make you the best person to complete the project. Make the correlation between your experience and a fast turnaround time for the project. Since you're an expert, research will be minimum, which can shorten the completion time as well.

Customers who have other objections have to be dealt with on an individual basis. To understand the hesitant buyer who has no specific reason for objecting, you have to ask pointed questions to determine the issue. For example, something in your presentation might have annoyed them. Another issue is that the customer might not have understood your presentation but wants to save face and not admit that fact. If you can pinpoint the issue, you have a better chance of closing a sale. Of the three categories, this can be either the easiest or hardest objection to overcome; it just depends on the hesitant buyer's reasoning.

Attaining new customers is necessary for a business to survive and thrive. To attain new customers, it's important to learn how to close a sale and overcome objections from hesitant buyers. If you can convince customers that your product or service is the best thing for them, your business will continue to grow.


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