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Email marketing can be a valuable part of a promotional portfolio. Many companies, however, approach the process haphazardly, not strategically. By investing in marketing tools that streamline the process, you can create an efficient and effective email plan that brings in new customers.

Data-Driven Analysis

Big Data has been a hot topic in 2014 as more companies find ways to integrate predictive analysis into their hiring and HR processes. Data-driven marketing tools are slowly working their way into the market, bringing with them the potential to send more effective and personalized emails. The retail giant Target has been using similar tools for years; by analyzing shoppers' demographics, search histories and purchase histories, Target can send out individualized advertisements that feature products a customer might want or need. Programs that use Big Data for predictive analysis can adjust content, layout and delivery time on the fly based on an individual's history and behavior. Targeted emails may help your business achieve a higher response and interaction rate from your email marketing campaigns.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Many customers use the same email address across a variety of platforms, from email to social media. In the coming years, email marketing technology developers are expected to release tools that help businesses use a customer's email address to deliver more tailored content. Instead of delivering the same message across all platforms – annoying the customer in the process – companies will be able to push a different piece of content for each interaction. This type of email marketing program helps reduce redundancy in campaigns and gives customers a more expansive look at a company. With a different message each time, a viewer is less likely to tune out.

List Scrubbers

List scrubbers, email marketing tools that remove the email addresses of people who opt out of promotional messages, are crucial for any business that sends out marketing messages. A quality scrubber handles your opt-out requests automatically, so you don't need to spend time deleting individual accounts. Even for businesses with smaller mailing lists, a scrubber tool eliminates the risk of forgetting or losing track of an unsubscribe request. As an added benefit, the tool can help your business stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act, which regulates the way companies handle email marketing.

Proximity Marketing

Most smartphones are equipped with GPS. For businesses, location services present a unique marketing opportunity: proximity marketing. When a user who has enabled location sharing comes within a certain distance of a particular store, the store's email program can automatically send an email with a coupon or a special discount. This feature enables businesses to draw customers in – and, in some cases, away from competitors. While proximity-based tools have not yet reached their peak, efficient options are slowly coming into the market.

With the increasing move to mobile devices, the nature of email is shifting. As customers change the way they interact with their email, the future of email marketing must also adapt. By using tools to create campaigns that are responsive and personalized, your business can increase click-throughs and improve conversion rates.


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