What Can Sales Content Do For You?

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Marketing strategies have been transformed by technology, and sales content has also gained popularity in a variety of industries. As a sales manager, evaluating the effectiveness of strategies that help generate sales and engage clients is a necessity. However, putting all of your efforts into developing content may not be as effective as many have predicted. See why producing ample marketing content may not produce the results your company needs.

You May Be Targeting the Wrong People

If your salespeople are producing sales content without considering the target audience, their efforts may be in vein. For example, press releases that do not focus on your products and services do not benefit your current clients and are not likely to attract new clients. Instead, produce content that promotes your product line and offers users useful tips for operating your products or utilizing your services. Determine the type of information your clients need and desire, and make sure the content you create is worth your clients' time.

You May Lose Engagement Opportunities

Producing sales content as a primary means to connect and engage with clients may cause more harm than good. Content cannot replace face-to-face conversations or personal calls. In fact, if your sales manager or sales representatives rely on the content to communicate their messages, it could diminish the need for personal contact. Instead, employ a variety of methods to engage your customers and generate sales leads. Even if the content you produce is informative, follow-up with customized visits and calls, and use the content as a springboard to launch discussions about your products and services.

You May Confuse Your Clients

Sales content is designed to instruct and excite clients about your products and services, but if the content is delivered too early, customers might become confused or even negate the effectiveness of your product line. For instance, if you produce a how-to guide that individuals can access before even purchasing your product, the guide might seem too complex, and potential customers might reconsider making a purchase. Monitor the times in which you deliver your content to prevent customers from changing their minds about making a purchase.

You May Get Caught Up in the Bells and Whistles

Is often exciting when your analytics show that customers are opening the sales content you send electronically. However, if your message does note excite customers or encourage them to make a purchase, your efforts are not effective. The reality is that consumers are savvy and smart and can often see right through content that does not deliver the solutions they need, so make sure your content always offers value to customers.

With the right strategy, sales content can be the right solution for your firm. Focus on training and delivery when producing content to make the strategy worthwhile for all parties involved.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Terrel B thanks for your comment. You may be old school but are your clients? The world is changing. Many of us never even meet our boss in person. With technology the way it is today, you can work anywhere in the world but still be in touch.

  • Terrel B.
    Terrel B.

    I'm old school I need to meet people

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Doug Z thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, in today'e job world, everything is done online - no human interaction when applying for a job. But it does come into play when contacted for an interview, etc. It just isn't going to happen when applying for jobs anymore. Even your resume is not read by a human until it gets through the ATS. It's a sad state of affairs to be sure but it's the way things are now and probably will be in the future. Best of luck on your job search.

  • Doug Z.
    Doug Z.

    tired with working with a non human, would like some personal attention?

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