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Recently, I've met many career-changers - people who have changed not only jobs but their entire line of work, many still in their twenties. Since I am also a career-changer, it made me think: why didn't we figure our career dreams out the first time around? The only logical answer I have is an old cliche: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

For some, new careers give flexibility or fulfill a passion that has been previously unmet in other jobs or careers. Many pick a college major without much thought to the real-world applications, hours, and pay. I think sometimes it takes working in a job or career a few years to realize it's not a good fit. For those who make that decision, I applaud you. I know first-hand that it can be tough to leave a "safe" job or career for an unknown one, yet I've rarely heard a person regret his or her choice.

Even still, I wonder if I had put more thought into career planning or seeing if my personality fit with my college major if I would have changed my mind while still an undergraduate student. While you still have time, I recommend meeting with a career counselor and looking online for career assessments. Careerbuilder.com has one that I found useful called CareerPath.

You can also read more helpful information at http://www.collegejobbank.com/

Amy Muldoon graduated from Penn State University in 2005 and worked in corporate public relations for three years before returning to graduate school to become an English teacher. Her strengths include: drafting speeches, writing talking points for media interviews, making corporate presentations, and writing for publications.

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