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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of techniques used to make a website rank higher in the search engine results for your chosen keywords. When it comes to SEO, products must be promoted in different ways than services. A good SEO sales strategy starts with picking relevant keywords and developing content that uses those keywords naturally. Done right, search engine optimization can help you sell more products and increase your commissions.

Whether you work alone or have a team of 100 salespeople, your website should be doing some of the selling for you. SEO makes it possible to turn your company website into a sales machine. You can use an optimized website to collect leads and convince people to opt in to your company's mailing list. You can also use SEO products such as the free Google AdWords keyword planner to see what people are searching for online. If you sell jewelry, you might be able to use these SEO products to find out whether people are doing more searches for emeralds or sapphires. This information can help you plan upcoming sales promotions and optimize your website so that you can attract new visitors.

Several SEO products also make it possible to find out how people are using your site. Google Analytics allows you to see the phrases people used to find your pages, making it easy to see which content is performing well and which pages are not attracting enough traffic. You can use the information from these SEO products to update your content and bring it more in line with popular searches. This will help you attract more visitors and, eventually, make more sales.

Optimizing your site with holiday-related keywords is also a great way to sell more products during the last three months of the year. If you own a jewelry business, you might add content with keywords such as "best jewelry gifts" or "best holiday gifts under $100" to attract holiday shoppers to your site. When you update your content for the holidays, make sure every page of your site has a call to action. Add "buy now" buttons under your products, or make sure each page has a form for customers to sign up for email updates. Putting a call to action on every page will help you make more sales and increase your company's revenues.

Search engine optimization is a tool that every salesperson should be using. SEO makes it possible to collect more leads, connect with potential customers, and make more sales. The number of do-it-yourself SEO products available also makes it easy to track your results and tweak your sales strategy as needed. This makes SEO more valuable than many other promotional tactics used by sales professionals.


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  • Andrew Elva
    Andrew Elva
    Yes!! SEO is so important to make your website rank higher and make it possible to find out your website by the people...

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