Why You Should Include Pinterest in Your Strategic Planning

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Pinterest isn't just a social media platform where people can share ideas with friends or random visitors; it's an avenue to share their hopes, dreams and even intentions to create something new or improve upon something old. That makes it a unique platform for businesses to include in their strategic planning. Devising a Pinterest strategy lets businesses position themselves right at the forefront of customers' minds while they're building their dream world.

Why Is Pinterest Relevant?

Stats compiled by digital marketing agency Omnicore in late 2015 show that two-thirds of Pins are for brands and products. Users are discovering new ideas and being inspired by new products, and are then pinning them to their boards. They're using Pinterest to plan their purchases and then following through with those plans.

Of the 93 percent of active Pinners who indicated they used Pinterest to plan purchases, 87 percent actually purchased something because of their activity on the social media website. This is supporting evidence for why a Pinterest strategy should be part of your company's strategic planning. Not only is Pinterest being used to advertise products, but it's also an innovative way to promote content.

According to Omnicore, over 14 million articles are Pinned by users every day. Pinterest users spend an average of 15 minutes every time they visit the site, while the average time spent on a website is usually around 15 seconds. This large amount of time offers companies with a Pinterest strategy the opportunity to grow relationships with customers and provide ideas for future projects.

How Pinterest Tools Benefit Businesses

For business accounts, the developers behind Pinterest have taken these users' needs into consideration and created analytics tools that focus on intent data and users' planning behavior. These tools provide metrics about the company's Pinterest profile, how users interact with the company's Pins, the company's highest-performing Pins, and how the save button on a company's website is used to add Pins.

All of this information can be used in the development of a Pinterest strategy. Pinterest has even created a short video on how to use Pinterest Analytics and put together a visually appealing 18-page guide on how businesses can reach their audiences using this tool, which isn't surprising since Pinterest itself is all about visual discovery.

Pinterest for Business is just one of the many tools Pinterest has designed to encourage businesses to use its platform and develop a Pinterest strategy. Businesses can create widgets and buttons, read about success stories, and learn more ways to promote their brand with Pinterest's data-rich blog.

The notion that Pinterest can drive sales and improve a company's marketing efforts is taking off. Learn about the planning behavior of your customers by developing a Pinterest strategy that utilizes the tools offered by this company that is drawing people's attention away from traditional forms of entertainment like television. With Pinterest, people can dream big, so why not make your company part of those dreams?

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