You Can Overcome the Fear of Rejection and Have a Great Career in Sales

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Your success in sales can hinge on a variety of factors, including skill, location and even luck. While growth and improved sales skills go a long way toward helping you reach goals and broaden career options, confidence, or the lack of it, also makes a huge difference in performance. A new perspective, a plan and some solid backup help you beat nervousness and approach prospects without fear of rejection.

Success in sales often requires that you don't hang so much on the outcome of every opportunity. Don't expect to bat 1,000 in any sales position, and adopt a more flexible perspective about how success might look. Landing every client isn't a good thing if you bring on clients who aren't a good fit for your organization; if the company can't meet the client's needs, you set everyone up for failure. Instead, approach potential clients with the knowledge that everyone isn't always the right fit. Consider the customer's needs and budget, and ensure those are in line with what your organization offers; if you don't close a deal because there wasn't actually a deal to be made, the rejection doesn't sting as much.

When you think the client is a good fit, put all of your knowledge and skills behind the pitch to increase success in sales. Prepare ahead of time to create a strong proposal, and do your homework before you meet or speak on the phone. Success in sales usually comes to those who involve themselves fully in the process. This means understanding your own products and the customer's needs, constantly seeking opportunities to learn and empathizing with the client so you can present an effective, engaging sales proposal. Winning pitches don't just tell the client about your service or product, they couple a specific client pain point with the benefits that come from those products or services.

Take advantage of coaching and mentorship to get better at the job for increased success in sales. Improved sales skills don't just help you close each deal. They also increase your efficiency so you can handle more accounts, ensure customers enjoy dealing with you and let others know about your services, and help you increase upsell and conversion rates to boost your commission. Sales skills to keep sharp include written and verbal communication, problem solving and computer skills, but you also need to stay abreast of changes in your field and keep up with relevant product literature.

Achieving more success in sales means letting go of fear and moving past rejections. When you're prepared with research, the right perspective and practice with coaches and teammates, you can approach clients with confidence. The right pitch closes the deal, starting you on a path of positive momentum that usually leads to more sales.

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