AAI Is Growing in Leaps and Bounds

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Last month, defense contractor Boeing awarded a $2.2 million contract to AAI Corp's Logistics & Technical Services group. The contract will be for a series of training and maintenance repair services on the C-17 Globemaster III aircraft at the Ogden Air Logistics Center at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

According to the reports, through the next calendar year, AAI will be delivering and installing an upgraded servo hydraulic component test stand at the center. They will also do equipment capabilities demonstrations and provide component repair kits. In addition, the company will deliver repair instructional services and technical repair manuals to assist the base's logisticians.

This has been big news for Hunt Valley, MD company, who recently went on an all out search to find a vice president of “continuous improvement”. According to a article at Baltimore Business Journal the position required-

“a government clearance (Top Secret is a plus), management know-how and plenty of experience in the Motorola-inspired productivity strategies of Six Sigma. Looks like it wouldn’t hurt to have a passport, either, as this member of the company’s management team will have to travel to the United Kingdom and Australia to straighten out operations there.

AAI, which employs about 2,500 globally, is one of the Baltimore area’s largest manufacturers, but its reach extends far beyond this small corner of the world.”

In recent reports, AAI is looking to hire as many as 140 new employees at all levels, but says that the largest need is for entry level employees. Their innovation doesn't stop there because they are expecting more job openings are coming for the company as their Rhode Island office was awarded a $47.5 million contract to build unmanned drone aircraft.

For this defense contractor, business is looking up, and the more jobs that are created, the better it will be for their community.

photo credit: Baltimore Business Journal

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