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Research shows that engaged employees are more productive when they are at work, as well as having lower turnover rates. The following mobile apps can help to boost employee engagement during the recruitment process, assist with everyday management of employees, and improve training and collaboration.

The first step to improving employee engagement within an organization is to recruit the right people for the right roles. The following apps all help to streamline the recruiting process, making it easier for hiring managers to choose the right candidates.

Jobscience is an app that can track applicants and score them against specified recruitment criteria. It helps human resources teams to objectively assess and compare candidates' skills and suitability for the vacant position.

Recruiting is a useful app that makes it easy to weed out unsuitable candidates. Using this app, hiring managers can filter candidates by their skills or qualifications, meaning they can focus on just those candidates who represent the best fit for the organization. Recruiting also facilitates communication between candidates and hiring managers.

TargetRecruit is a mobile app that is popular with staffing firms. Not only does it help with the recruiting process, but it also has features to facilitate marketing, accounting and social media for staffing firms.

The next step in the quest to improve employee engagement is effective employee management. The following apps can help boost employee engagement in the workplace.

Farsail Human Capital Management offers many features that can help improve employee engagement, including employee development and performance management features. These services are offered to employees through a self-service portal.

Financial Force HCM is a useful app for human resources teams who are trying to decide how to reward employees for their efforts. This app helps with compensation planning, recruiting, performance management and administration of employee benefits.

Offering adequate training is an important part of maintaining employee engagement within an organization. Training allows employees to feel that they are growing and developing professionally, which can increase their sense of satisfaction. The following apps all help to train employees.

Almond is a free learning app that is available for both mobile and desktop environments. It provides a platform that organizations can use to provide learning resources and administer quizzes to their employees. Almond provides features for tracking employees' progress and rewarding those who have done well.

Litmos Learning Management System is a useful learning platform that allows employees to access their training materials anywhere, at any time. Litmos is a very user-friendly app that provides motivating feedback to participating employees.

Engaged employees perform better at work and are less likely to leave their organizations in search of a new challenge. The desktop and mobile apps given here can help to improve employee engagement within an organization.


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