Employer Volunteer Programs Increase Employee Happiness and Retention

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You may not expect it, but employer volunteer programs are one of the most effective ways to improve productivity, increase the skill set of your employees, and improve employee satisfaction. Research has shown that volunteering provides employees with numerous benefits. Let’s explore a few.

1. Improved skill sets
Volunteering allows employees to develop and polish a variety of skills that are directly transferable to the workplace. Individual volunteering fosters the development of skills such as self-motivation and time management. Team-based volunteering activities improve skills such as teamwork and collaboration. Public speaking, problem solving, and flexibility are all skills that volunteering improves as well. It can also help employees explore diverse perspectives, as they get the chance to meet new people. Volunteering helps employees develop the skill sets they need to succeed in their jobs.

2. Company culture
Not only does volunteering improve employee skill sets, it also improves company culture as well. A study found that of the companies that measured the connection between volunteering and employee engagement, 91% found a positive correlation between the two. When volunteering, employees come together to contribute to a common cause. This fosters connections and deepens bonds between employees. Volunteering builds a positive and inclusive work environment where employees feel valued and connected not only to their work but also to their colleagues and the broader community.

3. Retention
The combined benefits volunteering provides to company culture and employee skills results in better job retention. Employees can feel the benefits that volunteering provides them and their coworkers. For one thing, employees often feel a greater connection to their company when their employer values volunteering. They feel a greater sense of purpose because they know they are making an impact on the world. By fostering a positive work environment and demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility, companies can increase employee retention.

4. Satisfaction
Lastly, volunteering improves employee satisfaction. Employees often feel a sense of pride and accomplishment after volunteering. They know they’ve made a positive impact on their community. Their improved skill sets and deeper connections with their coworkers increase their confidence as well. This translates to their day-to-day tasks and can increase their productivity and work ethic. Furthermore, it can translate to a more positive outlook on their job and company. It adds refreshing and rewarding experiences to an otherwise monotonous work week.

Employer volunteer programs provide numerous benefits to employees and companies. Using this program, employees develop valuable skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and work ethic. Furthermore, it boosts company morale, increases employee confidence, and increases employee retention and satisfaction. It is certainly worth trying out an employer volunteer program to see the numerous benefits for your employees.


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