Executives Should Lead by Example to Model Good Corporate Culture

Brittney Jackson
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It should go without saying that anyone can be a leader, but what separates a strong leader from a weak leader warrants some attention. When we think of leadership we may immediately align it with power and authority which are highly admired traits within society. It’s easy to get caught up in the glory of a leadership position and forget the essential behaviors and practices that make an exceptional leader. Leadership comes with a lot of responsibility and self-accountability so it’s important to reflect on how you go about leading a group of people whether it be a business, a sports team, or a volunteer program. 

Concerning leading a business, those in leadership positions must lead by example to encourage and maintain a healthy corporate culture. An executive who leads by their actions instead of words is more likely to see their co-workers reflect the same desired behaviors. How you lead your corporate culture will eventually become a standard for others to follow and replicate. An executive who does not reflect the qualities and behaviors of the corporate culture will undoubtedly set a poor example for others in the organization. Those may think to themselves, “If my manager isn’t following the code of conduct and getting away with it, why should I?”. A situation like this is one that everyone wants to avoid so leaders must practice what they preach. 

One of the pillars of a healthy corporate culture is integrity. Integrity in the workplace creates trust and encourages effective collaboration between employees and management. Integrity can be eroded within the workplace if leaders do not follow the same guidelines and expectations that are anticipated of everyone. It can be unfair to employees if they are made to hold values that their superiors do not hold themselves. This imbalance can create hypocritical management which in turn eventually leads to feelings of resentment for those in leadership positions.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid hypocrisy and a lack of integrity from finding its way into your business by being aware of how realistic your expectations are concerning corporate culture. It’s important to reflect and ask yourself if the expectations you have for your employees are realistic and are things you would be willing to practice and follow in your own life. 

A good example of this can be the company culture that is displayed by Orangetheory Fitness. If you work at an Orangetheory fitness location whether it be a front-desk employee or manager, you are required to attend one team fitness class a week. Orangetheory values fitness within their company culture and whether you're a leader or not, you are still expected to put the work in like everyone else. Imagine if managers didn’t show up to work out as a team, how do you think everyone else would feel? If you expect a certain level of performance or behavior from your employees then it’s only fair to practice that same level of performance or behavior yourself that way everyone remains on the same page.

A healthy corporate culture is always within reach and the best way to get there and remain there is as a team where every member fully commits and shows up for one another. So, set the standard and encourage your employees to follow in your footsteps!


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