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Management professionals looking for work in today's market are likely to discover that the tradition of newspaper classifieds and hand-signed applications is already behind the times. Job search tools today run from online search engines and Internet-based application submissions to social media recruitment and profiling. The switch to technological components for job searches mirrors the integration of technology in the workplace. Modern managers and business leaders need to embrace the new job search tools that are driving recruiting today.

Websites for major companies were once a place to learn more about goods and services and potentially purchase them online. Now, they are multimedia experiences. Most modern websites feature job search tools that allow you to submit your résumé, references, and even background check approval in a matter of clicks. Companies with an online presence that do not have their own job search tools are likely to have a link to a third-party service that does this for them. Management professionals looking for opportunities online often need look no further than the home pages of their favorite companies.

One of the most common job search tips that modern professionals encounter is that they need a good social media profile. Social media allows you to network easily with other workers in your market, and quickly reach out to companies to inquire about jobs or respond to their job-related posts. Those job search tips should also include the fact that your social media life needs to be squeaky clean if you hope to use your account to help land a job. Embarrassing or even too many innocuous social interactions can negatively impact your search. This makes social media one of the trickier job search tools.

Technology can give business professionals a big leg up over competitors if they excel at selling themselves. Modern companies may receive hundreds or even thousands of email submissions, but a video introduction with an invitation for a teleconference interview could be your foot in the door for landing a job in a tech-heavy market. It is still likely to impress companies that are already online or looking to move to a more integrated market in the future. Tech-savvy individuals show that they understand future career trends and may be ready to embrace nontraditional work environments or even start their careers virtually by freelancing or telecommuting.

Technology can change the nature of your job hunt. Reaching out through Internet job applications, social media, and video interviews can help ensure your message is heard by the many companies with a noticeable online presence. Careful use of social media and other new job search tools can impress potential recruiters before they even read your résumé. This can give you the competitive edge you need for a management job in today's modern market.



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