Global Leadership Training Takes Center Stage

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The world of business increasingly knows no borders. Wal-Mart-China is expanding by leaps and bounds. And McDonalds is adding franchises all across Europe.

If you expect to succeed in today's global economy, you'll need to embrace global leadership training for your team or group. This can take the form of an intensive three-day workshop or a 10 week course that brings in your team once a week. These training courses cover a broad range of topics—everything from collaborating with colleagues across time zones and bridging cultural differences to smoothing out ruffles between your headquarters office and overseas branches.

Many big corporations have created in-house programs to bring their managers and supervisors up to speed in international business. Other firms use global leadership training to entice today's new breed of young global-minded professionals. Some companies hire business-school faculty to develop customized training programs for their employees. Others use training firms to teach their employees about the fine points of international business.

Forbes India cites global leadership is the balance of three "human capital" attributes: intellectual, psychological and social. The intellectual imbues leaders with knowledge about how to get things done internationally. Psychological awareness and training prepares managers for diversity. And global social training helps managers acquire the inter-cultural empathy and diplomatic skills they need to smooth people-to-people interactions. Leadership, one observer noted, knows no latitude.

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