How Corporate Values in Action Can Make a Difference

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Companies that pride themselves on established corporate values and a clear mission statement set forth guidelines for employees. These guidelines foster a commitment to the business and the clients served. Leadership must define the company culture to set an example, which ultimately promotes a work environment built on trust, responsibility and engagement.

Leadership strategies that promote a culture based on corporate values show employees that the support and strength is alive and well when transforming organizations and propelling strategic business decisions. Companies with leadership that puts an emphasis on loyalty, ethical behaviors and positive practices can earn the trust and confidence of employees and clients, ultimately enhancing productivity and profit. Inspire employees by defining corporate values, business expectations and company goals. Build morale with leaders who understand the importance of providing the resources employees need and incentives that promote self-confidence and empowerment within the workplace.

Companies that define core values and commit to transparency often see a higher commitment level from employees who, in return, provide improved customer service to clients. Cope with the crises within your company by offering honest feedback, expectations and business outlooks to employees so they feel more secure and committed to the corporate values.

Senior leaders play a vital role when disseminating and modeling corporate values. Leadership strategies should involve communicating the big picture to entry-level employees as well as high-level leaders. Companies that mask reorganization plans, workforce changes and company crises only foster an environment of fear and doubt among employees. The company's mission and values begin and end with senior leaders because they have the knowledge and wealth of experience to model the company's mission. Senior leaders have the skill and competency to move the company forward and inspire employees.

Keep your company's employees motivated and inspired by displaying these skills and competencies to the staff at all levels. Senior leaders can help employees look to the future through training and mentoring programs. Enlighten middle management, and keep values a prominent component of each and every job by pairing senior leaders with up and coming managers to empower and encourage decision making that stays in line with the company's mission. Senior leadership should solicit employee input and involve middle management in strategic discussions to empower these employees and reinforce company values and loyalty.

Businesses that place an emphasis on the importance of all employees working toward one mission and a clear and concise set of corporate values have the opportunity to form a united front. Employees who feel involved often commit to the company's mission, and these values and beliefs are passed on to clients during interactions and sales. A united commitment to the company's growth produces enhanced productivity, effort and overall client satisfaction.


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