If Your Turnover Rate is High, Maybe You Need a Retention Specialist

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Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Maintaining a solid, consistent team is absolutely the key to fostering a sense of community and keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly. It's also the only way to reach and surpass long-term goals. All too often, employee retention is overlooked when companies are trying to figure out why productivity and profitability are sinking. A high turnover rate naturally brings down morale, and it makes everyone's job more difficult.

How you go about engaging employees plays a major role in how long they stick around. However, even the best managers don't always have the in-depth knowledge and experience required to improve a low turnover rate. That's when hiring a retention specialist is the next logical step. While it can be difficult to get upper management's approval for a new position, a retention specialist brings a lot to the table. After all, employee retention isn't always black-and-white, and a specialist may be able to shed light on issues that may have otherwise go overlooked.

If you're considering hiring a retention specialist, it's important to understand what they do and how they improve employee retention. Job duties will vary depending on the organization, but common approaches include conducting surveys and interviews, monitoring and improving the onboarding process, acting as a liaison between employees and management, identifying problematic system and operational shifts, and implementing programs to show appreciation for staff members.

Poor employee retention is often directly related to management methods. Naturally, the manager may not always be aware of these issues, and a retention specialist can help team leaders to change their approach when necessary. It's not always possible for employees to communicate grievances directly to their superiors, which can cause frustration for both parties. A retention specialist can bridge that gap, helping to improve relationships and change management styles that lead to employee turnovers.

It's important to note that one person shouldn't be expected to bring immediate harmony to an organization. It's up to everyone to improve employee retention. A skilled retention specialist helps the entire company to understand what types of behavior causes turnover problems. After all, it's certainly not always management's fault when someone quits. Healthy relationships with co-workers is critical to the longevity of all employees. Employee retention should be a prerequisite that's part of the initial training process, just like customer service, communication skills, and knowledge of your company's product or service.

If your company is experiencing problems with keeping employees on board, it's time to take action. You may want to start by hiring a temporary consultant to help you identify and rectify problematic behaviors. However, a full-time retention specialist can really be the long-term change that your company needs. Remember that employee retention starts with management, but it's everyone's job. Create a sense of community, and don't be afraid to seek outside help when necessary.

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