Is Hiring For Cultural Fit The Right Way to Go?

Julie Shenkman
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Businesses often define their company culture by their values and mission. However, hiring for the cultural fit may not always land employers the right candidate. As a job seeker, you may not be able to avoid assumptions that you are not the right fit, but you can sell your skills and experience to show that you are the most qualified.

Hiring managers are seeking candidates who fit the mold, invest in the mission of the business and mesh well with existing employees. You may not have a similar personality as the hiring manager or existing employees, which can lead potential employers to shy away from you as a potential candidate. However, you can show that you value the mission of the business to increase your opportunities.

Detail what you know about the business and the company culture when communicating with hiring managers. Add information about what you admire about the management strategies, products and services and employee base when writing your cover letter. Detail accomplishments of the business and highlight positive attributes you have learned about the company through your network of professionals within the industry. Hiring managers may be looking for a good fit based on what they perceive to be the ideal candidate, but you can show them that you have put in the time and effort to research the business and learn the ins and outs of the industry to prepare yourself for the position.

It may be more difficult to obtain an interview or a position with a company that is too focused on the company culture as a means to evaluate job candidates. Craft your cover letter and resume to match the qualifications and personality traits the company desires and has noted in the job description or advertisement. Detail skills and experience that are in line with the position and the industry, and thoroughly proofread the document so that it uses language and keywords similar to the job description. Hiring managers may be looking for a fit for the company culture, but in you, they may find the ideal candidate who can improve the culture as well as productivity and profitability.

Be realistic during your job search, too. Hiring managers have the option to label you as a candidate who is not a good fit, but you need to also evaluate if you find the company to be a good fit for your future career. Know the mission and goals of the company, inquire about the company culture with your professional contacts and evaluate your opportunities for advancement.

Hiring based solely on company culture is not necessarily the best practice, but many companies subscribe to this theory. Show that you are a well-rounded candidate by selling your skills, experience and personality to identify if this opportunity is the right one for you.

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