Is Your Hiring Process Causing Turnover?

Carlee Nilphai
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In today’s market, businesses are hiring new workers at a rate never seen before. That being said, many companies are also experiencing high rates of turnover, even though they are hiring new employees more often than ever. There can be a lot of reasons for high turnover, but most companies don’t consider that maybe their actual hiring process is one of the reasons employees are leaving more often than they are staying.


Could your hiring process be the reason you can’t seem to hang on to employees? Here are 3 reasons to consider.


You don’t explain the position well.

Prospective employees may apply to your posted position thinking they are perfect for the job, but once they are hired and begin working, they could find that it isn’t really what they thought it was. It’s great to have a lot of applicants apply, but you want only the most qualified to choose from. In your job description, be very specific about what the candidate will be doing in their day-to-day responsibilities, explain the work location and company culture, detail what other departments or projects could be involved in their job, and be sure to include any possibilities for advancement. If a new hire comes in getting exactly what they hoped for, they have better chances of sticking with the company for a longer period of time.


You’re waiting for candidates to find you instead of seeking them out.

According to the Harvard Business Review, census data shows that the majority of people who took a new job in 2018 weren’t searching for one. Rather, they were recruited. When you reach out to candidates you like instead of waiting for some to find your business, you have a stronger start in building a relationship with them and they are more likely to enjoy working for you.


You aren’t hiring within.

It’s not a secret that employees enjoy appreciation. That’s why you should post open positions to your current employees as well, especially if it’s a higher-up position. Hiring among your current employees not only makes them feel like they are important to the company but lets them know that they have a bright future with the company and will always have an opportunity to advance. When workers know they have opportunity at their job, they are not only more likely to stay, but also motivated to work harder.


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