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Having great job postings are an essential part of any business. It’s most likely the first impression a job seeker has of your company and you want it to be a good one. So, your job postings need to do a great job of representing who your company is and why someone would want to work there. Here are some tips to writing successful job listings:

Be clear about the salary range

If your job listing does not give an idea of what the salary is, job hunters may skip your application. In today's day, people are becoming more open about salary. Employees value companies that are transparent about wages.

List competitive wages

Beyond the minimum wage, do you offer current employees slightly better pay? Perhaps you have introduced the idea of tips or a small commission. Small salary perks can lead to employee retention. Go ahead and mention any of these perks within your job listing. 

Offer remote or hybrid work

People are heavily searching for remote jobs, in fact more than 50% of job seeker want to work from home. Perhaps you can find a way to adjust roles to be fully remote or hybrid positions that are done in person sometimes and others, remotely? Job seekers value jobs that can be flexible and work around their other obligations, such as parenting or school. 

Keep it simple 

Some job seekers may avoid job listings with too many requirements. If most of the job responsibilities can be taught through training go ahead and mention that you are willing to accept people even if they do not meet all the qualifications. While it may seem obvious that you are mainly listing your ideal candidate, let job hunters know of your flexibility with requirements to garner more applicants.

Be clear about the role

Make the title of the job listing simple and explain most of the tasks that the job requires. For example, if you are hiring a cashier but they also need to help out with tasks such as cleaning tables or sweeping etc. go ahead and list that there may be some cleaning tasks in your job posting. This will work out in your favor for two reasons: First, those that do not want to do tasks outside of the assigned role will likely not apply. This will filter out people that are not a good fit for the role. Secondly, the employee will be properly informed of their role.

Think of your job listing as an advertisement for your company

It is possible that employees may have never heard of your company. Go ahead and write a summary about your company and its goals. This is the time to highlight all the amazing things about your team, corporate culture, company mission, and history. 

List opportunities for advancement 

Job seekers want to know if there are opportunities for growth. Most people aspire to move up the corporate ladder and become a supervisor, manager, coordinator, etc. If your company welcomes the promotion of employees make sure to mention it in your job listing. Most job seekers like the idea of having room to grow within the company. 

Always try to be as transparent as possible within your job listing. 


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