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Successful leaders have certain characteristics that make people want to follow them. Historical figures, world leaders and CEOs are all examples of people who exhibit certain qualities to get people to agree with their vision of how to run a country, a business or an organization. If you want to be a great leader in the business world, consider some of these personality traits that set you apart from the crowd.

1. Learn From Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes because that's part of being human. Successful leaders learn from mistakes and move on from there. The only failure is if you do not learn from your failures. You must adapt quickly after your mistakes, or you might find it more difficult to rectify the error the longer you wait to try fix things. Thomas Edison famously failed thousands of times before perfecting his design for the light bulb, which means he never gave up after making mistakes.

2. Always Try to Improve

Similar to adapting to your mistakes, always try to learn, innovate and improve. Successful leaders in business cannot stagnate and rest on their laurels because the competition is there, lurking, waiting to out-innovate a company that has already done something spectacular. Bring in new people, new ideas and new ways of doing things every once in a while to shake up your business. Never settle for anything but the best for your company.

3. Surround Yourself

To keep improving your business, surround yourself with the right people. These trusted advisers help manage your business, push your limits and stand with you as the company moves forward. Successful leaders go far because of a core group of talent. It's your job to seek out these talented co-workers who can take your business to the next level.

4. Inspire Others Through Communication Skills

Once you surround yourself with the right people, it's time to inspire them. Communication skills come into play with your core group by paying attention, listening, responding and giving feedback. It's hard work, but you have to remain focused and confident in front of your team. Successful leaders engage with everyone at the office; this engagement makes people invested in the outcome of the company.

5. Humble Yourself

When you reach the top, remember how you got there. At one time in your life, you might have been a 15-year-old mowing neighbors' lawns or a 10-year-old selling lemonade on your sidewalk. Later in your career, you rose to become a business leader, manager or executive. You had a ton of fantastic ideas as a younger person, so let that person come out every once in a while to get some fresh ideas and perspective on how you run your business.

Leadership is hard to quantify, but many people recognize successful leaders when they see one. If you have any of these traits, you're already on your way to a fabulous career as the head of a team.

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