Managing Without Realizing It

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 You know, you may be managing and not even realize it.  That thought hit me when I noticed my yard guy mowing my grass.  He’s an employee.  He does a job for you and gets paid.  I never quite thought about it like that before.


My last yard guy lasted almost three years.  He showed up about every 10 to 14 days with his truck and mowers.  He did a really good job and was very particular.  He zipped all around on his riding mower. He knew where all my flower beds were and where not to mow.  I gave him glasses of cold ice tea and ice water.  We chatted about the new house he bought and the second job that he worked when business was slow.  I thought we had a commitment.  Then one day, he just didn’t show up.  Three weeks went past and no Anthony.  I called and left messages, no reply.  I never did know what happened to him.


The second guy we hired did a good job even though our yard looked like a field at that point.  He was a couple days later than he said he would be but he did show up. He trimmed around the bushes and flower beds.  He made a date when he would be back the next time.  We waited and waited but he never came.  I know we have a big yard but sheesh!


This time we decided we weren’t going to be stuck with a field again.  We bought a lawn mower and a weed eater. We figured if nothing else we’d mow our own grass even if it took two days. However, one of my daughter’s friends said he loved to mow grass.  He was already doing some odd jobs for us so we hired him to mow the grass too.  He’s not quite as picky as the other two.  He does miss some weeds with the weed eater.  I showed him the gardens and where to cut and where not.  He tends to give a wide berth around my beds.  I guess he figures it’s better to be safe than sorry.  He does a good job on the yard and even cleans up the dog yard before he mows it (I pay him a little extra for that).  He isn’t quite as professional as the other two but he shows up faithfully and is very cheerful about the job.  I usually give him a sandwich and something cold to drink when he takes a break.  He likes our mower and calls it the “Cadillac of lawnmowers”.  He faithfully plugs it in before he leaves for the next time.  He’ll call and ask when we need him to mow again and remind us to plug in the weed whacker charger.  He’s diligent and asks questions when he’s isn’t sure about something.


I’m sure I could be harder on him and have him weed whack every single little thing.  But to me, it’s more important to have the larger part of the yard done then the little piddling things.  I might have to go out and do a little trimming here and there but so what; at least it’s not the whole yard.   Or show him where I need something else clipped a little closer but, all in all, we’re satisfied with his work.  And truthfully, isn’t that what managing is all about?


Do you have someone that you didn’t realize you were managing?


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  • Linda Ruzicka
    Linda Ruzicka
    It sounds as if you have everything under control and running smoothly! Thank you for your comment!
  • Rakhi
    We are pretty traditional...though these days my hubby works long hours and has a long commute, plus manages a small side business, so he has less time than he ever has to fill in around here. Jay does offer to "cook" supper about once a week, his specialty is Boston Market, heheheh. I (with some help from kids) take care of all household laundry except for his clothes, which he does himself, and which I greatly appreciate.On Saturdays he usually manages the children for a few hours plus helps me by running errands for us (Sams club/Walmart) and taking 2-4 of them along and then out to lunch for some special Daddy time. He cuts the boys' hair and manages boy showers. And he is GREAT about all the fix-it, "guy" type things inside and out, plus changing light bulbs, taking out trash, etc. As far as home improvements: while I am the head designer, he is the head contractor, implementing my various plans very graciously for the most part. Due to some very real physical challenges he has, we pay a lawn service to do the yard, and one of my homeschooling perks is that someone comes in to clean the house thoroughly every two weeks. The kids and I do any vaccuumming or other work that needs doing in between house cleaning visits.
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