The Benefits of Maintaining Relationships with Former Employees

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There are various reasons why employees may leave a job and they’re not always going to be bad, which is why it’s important to maintain a professional relationship with them even after they move on to another job.


Here’s why you should stay in touch…


1. Former Employees Make Great Referrals

When hard-working and talented employees leave your organization feeling good about their time there it’s likely they will refer their networking contacts to your company. It’s important to keep these connections because talented people find other talented people and to have someone with such reliability on your side is a great way to source talent. Plus, referrals are a top source when it comes to hiring.


2. The Knowledge They Provide

If you’re doing it right, all of your employees are valuable assets to the company and let’s face it some are better than others. Sometimes when a good employee leaves, they take valuable knowledge and insight with them. Maintaining a good relationship with them after they leave can grant you access to that knowledge. Most people are generous and understanding, especially if they loved their time working for you. They probably wouldn’t mind sharing what they know.


3. Some Employees Will Come Back

These employees are called boomerang employees. Another great reason to stay in touch with former employees is because they may come back to work for you. Why is this great? If they’re a reliable and hardworking individual then you were probably sad to see them go. Good news is, if they come back, they already have most or all of the knowledge they need to start working right away. Boomerang employees can save time, money, and resources because they’ve already been trained and know the ropes.


4. A Reputation Boost

If former employees enjoyed their time working with you and loved the work environment, they will be spreading the word. We all know word travels fast in this day and age, especially with how big social media has gotten. Even just one happy ex-employee will tell anyone who asks that your company is a great place to work.


Some of the best employees come and go but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be valuable resources when they leave. Nurturing that relationship can be extremely rewarding.


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