These are the Keys for Building a Great Employee Experience

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The employee experience has effects that reach far beyond the individual. Happy employees are more likely to stay with the company. They also tend to be more engaged, which leads to increased innovation and better customer service. By focusing on creating a positive atmosphere for your workers, you can improve everything from customer satisfaction to your bottom line.

Start Off on the Right Foot

The employee experience starts from day one — the first days on the job set the tone for a worker's tenure with the company. Help each new employee feel welcome with a comprehensive onboarding program. Ensure that each person has the proper tools, such as a desk, computer and an office line. Hold informational sessions about the company's corporate culture and standard communication procedures. Ensure that the worker meets his new colleagues and supervisors, and give him a tour of the facilities. The less time an employee has to spend feeling confused or alone, the faster he can feel like a part of the team.

Give Workers a Voice

Your employees are a valuable resource. Since they work on the front lines, they have firsthand knowledge of problems and opportunities. Take advantage of workers' insight and give them ownership over their work by taking their opinions into consideration. Several times a year, offer employees the opportunity to weigh in on everything from daily operations to human resources policies. Evaluate their input objectively, and put the best ideas into practice. This process can transform each employee's experience, as it helps create a culture of respect and value for everyone in the company.

Offer Autonomy

Many professionals are frustrated by micromanaging supervisors or overly restrictive company policies. To improve the employee experience, allow individual autonomy. Enable your customer service workers to come up with unique solutions to meet customer needs, or give your graphic designers the freedom to come up with concepts without your input. When workers feel free to unleash their creativity, they are more likely to come up with innovative, industry-changing ideas.

Give Employees Something to Believe In

When employees feel like they're part of a company's mission, it's easier for them to come into work. Happy employees create a positive atmosphere, which directly impacts each customer's experience. Make an immediate improvement to the employee experience by giving workers something to believe in. If your business is committed to environmental stewardship, communicate that belief and get workers involved. If your goal is to design products that improve science education in under-served areas, ask your employees for ideas based on their own experiences. A clear purpose gives workers direction and motivation.

The employee experience can make or break your company. With the right strategies, you can create an environment that reduces turnover, improves recruitment and ensures that your customers get the best possible products and services.

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