Tips for Getting Past Egos to Solve Problems

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Inflated egos can create more turmoil and make problem solving in the workplace more difficult for everyone. Do not allow big egos to get in the way of genuine productivity in the workplace. Use these tips to diffuse ego issues and foster effective solutions to problems.

Understand the Philosophy

Recognize that everyone has an ego, but some are bigger than others. People with big egos often use their sense of superiority to make themselves feel more powerful. Keep in mind that they need others to nourish their egos to make themselves feel adequate. By being empathetic towards people with larger-than-life egos, you can successfully interact with them to resolve all types of problems in the workplace.

Remain Calm and Respectful

Reacting negatively to egotistical people only creates complications, so remember to stay calm and respectful when you notice irritating egotistical behavior. Act genuinely interested in what the person is trying to say, and remember that his problem solving ideas could be helpful. In addition, you should also demand mutual respect from others in the workplace. Egomaniacs learn to respect you for standing strong.

Focus on the Work

When you are 100 percent focused on the task at hand, there is little time to react to the big egos in the room. Opt to seek further solutions instead of confrontations. Solving problems is easier with a clear mind. Refuse to remain frustrated by co-workers and managers with huge egos to make tasks simpler.

Hear all Opinions

In a workplace, a co-worker may feel that the only good solution to solve a problem is his own. To gain the deepest level of insight into how to tackle a problem, it is important that everyone is able to collaborate well. Show each person that his input is valued, but do not focus on egotistical demands at the expense of advancement.

Allow everyone only a few minutes to explain their ideas to the group. This step helps groups to generate a number of solutions to a problem without being impeded by individual egomaniacs who can ramble on and on. By taking the time to listen to everyone, those with huge egos can contribute while getting the acknowledgement they crave.

Avoid Defensiveness

If you are quick to build anger or resentment against a person with a big ego, it is likely to erupt into an argument later. By allowing yourself to become offended in the presence of an egomaniac, workplace collaboration becomes more frustrating and less fruitful. Remember that people with big egos affect everyone around them, so do not take it personally. Adopting an attitude of tolerance and peacefulness is necessary for creating a positive work environment.

Expecting a person with a large ego to change is unreasonable, but you can change your attitude when working with people who like to focus on themselves. Managers and employees who encourage a no-nonsense approach to dealing with egos in the workplace help to develop an environment where big egos remain at bay. Achieve harmony in the workplace and solve any problem by moving past the ego factor.


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