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Many companies are using HR information systems to track applications, store employee data and produce HR reports. Unfortunately, some companies are behind the times when it comes to using HR technology to increase efficiency and improve the security of sensitive data. If you are concerned about the future of your HR department, here are four ways you can use HR technology to store, manage and retrieve information.

If you need a better way to communicate with employees, consider hiring a team of developers to produce a native mobile app for your company. Native apps are used to improve communication across a particular platform, making them ideal for companies with employees who do a lot of traveling or work from multiple sites. Once you develop a native app, you can integrate it with other forms of HR technology to streamline the communications process and ensure you are able to get in touch with employees at all times.

Social media recruiting is another rising trend in the HR world. Even companies that already have their own HR information systems are now using social media networks to find qualified candidates. If you have difficulty finding the right employees, consider creating LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts for your human resources department. These platforms are ideal for posting job openings, engaging potential candidates and sharing information about your company. Done right, social networking can even improve your reputation, helping you attract better candidates.

HR technology also makes it easier to make files accessible to every employee who needs them. Amazon, Google and other major brands are using cloud storage to free up resources and make it easy for employees to access work manuals, tax forms and other documents. If you decide to use this type of HR technology, don't put sensitive documents on the cloud. Instead, use cloud storage for expense-report templates, employee handbooks, policy manuals and other documents that do not contain delicate information.

Telecommuting is beneficial for employers and employees, making it an ideal use of HR technology. Some employers offer telecommuting as a perk, while others do it to save money on corporate travel expenses. Instead of paying employees to travel hundreds of miles on the company dime, you can use video-conferencing tools, chat programs and other HR technology to help employees connect without leaving their offices. Telecommuting is also ideal for employees who are too sick to come to work but not sick enough that they can't work on projects at home.

If you are not using technology to your advantage, make a list of all the ways your department needs to cut costs or improve efficiency. There's a good chance you can make improvements by adopting new HR technology and using it to streamline some of your current processes. Developing native apps, using social media to identify qualified candidates, and offering telecommuting are all good ways to save money and make employees more productive.

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