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Increasing employee satisfaction is one of the best ways to reduce your turnover rate and prevent valuable employees from leaving your company. Unfortunately, many HR departments don't have the funds needed to give big raises or end-of-year bonuses. As an HR professional, you need to use other tactics to increase employee satisfaction without spending a lot of money. Here are some ways to improve employee engagement on a shoestring budget.

If you don't treat new staff members well, employee satisfaction is likely to suffer. Start engaging employees the minute you hire them by giving guided tours of your facility, starting an employee mentoring program or welcoming employees to your office with an inexpensive luncheon. These actions put new workers in a positive frame of mind, making it more likely they will find satisfaction with their work.

Recognizing employees for their efforts is a very inexpensive way to increase employee satisfaction. You don't need to throw an expensive party or purchase gifts that cost hundreds of dollars. Instead, write a heartfelt note of appreciation to an employee who pitched in to help meet a deadline. Order sandwiches from the local sub shop for employees who volunteer to work through lunch. Employees are more likely to be engaged in their work if they know their bosses appreciate their efforts.

One of the reasons some companies experience poor employee engagement is because managers do not communicate about mission and values often enough. It is easier for employees to be engaged if they know their work supports a particular mission. This is especially true of employees working for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit jobs typically pay much less than jobs at for-profit organizations, but it's possible to increase employee satisfaction by showing employees how their efforts are making the world a better place.

Soliciting feedback from your employees is one of the most important things you can do to improve engagement. If employees don't think their input matters, they won't be as motivated to work hard and contribute to your company's efforts. Ask your employees to offer suggestions for improving company systems or processes, or set aside time each week to talk to employees about their concerns.

If employees feel they don't have room for advancement in your company, they are likely to put in the minimum amount of effort required to keep their jobs. If you want a motivated workforce, you need to explain all of the possible career paths available within your organization. A receptionist who knows there are opportunities to advance to an office management position is more likely to go the extra mile than one who knows there is no way to advance in your company.

If your company has a high turnover rate, you might not be doing a good job engaging employees. Use these tactics to increase employee satisfaction and avoid losing talented employees to other companies in your industry.

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